A tabletop RPG by
the creator of firefall and
team lead of world of warcraft

RPG Space Opera


Crixa (pronounced “Crik-sa”) is a pen and paper role-playing game set in a vast universe of terran expansion, war, and exploration. Twenty eight human empires, separated by hundreds of years of isolated development, suddenly collide when warp gate FTL travel is invented. It is a time for heroes, trade barons, rogues, explorers, and soldiers, as vast new possibilities expand the universe for human potential or its downfall.

PvP Space Battles


Crixa features a complete starship miniatures combat game that can be played as part of the RPG experience, or as a standalone tactical wargame. Your character’s skill, and those of your crew, help determine your capabilities and the outcome of battles. Print your own miniatures with our 3D printer files, or use our included cardboard tokens. Entire adventures can occur in space without ever setting foot on a planet. Form a squadron with your party members or crew gigantic vessels for exploration or war.

Play it Your Way


Many modern RPGs come with streamlined rules to get players up and running quickly and focus on story and adventure. Sometimes this comes at the expense of character development options or combat strategy.  Crixa offers both a “fast-play” set of rules, as well as deeper rules for customization and combat that can be learned and enjoyed at your own pace. Play the way you like!