A Pen & Paper RPG by
the creator of firefall and
team lead of world of warcraft

RPG Space Opera


Crixa (pronounced “Crik-sa”) is a pen and paper roleplaying game set in a vast universe of terran expansion, war, and exploration. Twenty eight human empires, separated by hundreds of years of isolated development, suddenly collide when warp gate FTL travel is invented. It is a time for heroes, trade barons, rogues, explorers, and soldiers, as vast new possibilities expand the universe for human potential or its downfall.

Collaborative RPG


At the core of Crixa is the concept of collaborative roleplaying. While collaboration is an inherent part of all pen and paper RPGs, in Crixa, the concept of collaboration is an integral component of the game’s design. Players can expect to discover a whole new level of engagement as each of their actions involve every other player around the table. Long gone are the days of waiting patiently for your turn to arrive, awaiting your chance to act. Rather than waiting, prepare to become thoroughly entrenched in the action as you continuously contribute, along with your friends, in the playing out of epic space opera adventures.

Play it Your Way


Many modern RPGs come with streamlined rules to get players up and running quickly and focus on story and adventure. Sometimes this comes at the expense of character development options or combat strategy.  Crixa offers both a “fast-play” set of rules, as well as deeper rules for customization and combat that can be learned and enjoyed at your own pace. Play the way you like!