Meeting with Blizzard Scheduled and Survey Update

Good news! Not only is the Nostalrius team meeting with Blizzard in early June, but I’ll be having my legacy server meeting with Blizzard CEO, Mike Morhaime, next week on Thursday. Blizzard has also agreed to accept delivery of the printed petition.

You guys did it! Nostalrius’ petition and YOU have made this possible, all 260,000 of you. While we are not guaranteed a vanilla or legacy server by Blizzard, its a very good sign that they have agreed to meet and at least talk about it.

Not to get our hopes up (okay fine, my hopes are up), but if we did get vanilla/legacy servers, a good number of you seem quite happy to help relaunch it by purchasing an optional legacy CE (collector’s edition) of the game:

Screenshot 2016-05-16 10.10.52

The basic idea is that legacy would be included as a bonus for being a WoW subscriber, but that you could optionally purchase a collector’s edition on top of that. I believe this would be an attractive proposition for Blizzard. We’ve seen how well remastered editions of older games have done for Halo, God of War, etc. and it makes sense to offer something that would be profitable for Blizzard and cover the costs of relaunching legacy servers. I don’t *quite* remember how many of the original CE for WoW were made, but I believe it was under 100,000 units. Even at those numbers, it was profitable.

Would this CE be digital of physical?

Screenshot 2016-05-07 12.00.25

Why not both? It seems the demand would be there to have both digital and physical goods available for this hypothetical collector’s edition of legacy WoW. We talked about what to include on Twitter, including a cool sculpted “Dark Portal” statue, skins for mounts, new pets, as well as a jokingly tongue in check “Sword of a Thousand Truths” USB stick, complete with a Randi cover that “brandished” the sword.

In any case, I believe this would be a great and fun optional idea for a vanilla/legacy relaunch. It may also be very attractive to Activision/Blizzard as it seeks new ways to revitalize and maximize profits on WoW. What do you think? Leave your thoughts below in the comments.


  1. fr0nz07 says:

    Mark, as a FilePlanet Open Beta tester, I gotta thank you for everything.
    Your original vision was incredible; the team you lead delivered game-changing community aspects, literally. That being said, your assistance in this movement is extremely appreciated. I’m in the group of old fans who wants to play but cannot get into this “new WoW.” On top of that, all of my old gaming friends ALL want to play legacy and get the old gang back. I know I for one would buy a CE in a heartbeat, and I’d even buy a copy for all of my friends just so we could play legacy together. All of us played on Nostalrius with active subscriptions, but are now too afraid to go elsewhere. I just want Blizzard to listen to the community, and this is the first hope I’ve seen of that in some time.
    Thank you again, for shaping my childhood, and getting me started in what is now a successful IT career.

  2. dante says:

    He mark,

    Please don’t include mounts into the CE. Im willing to buy anything required to play official vanilla servers and pay a sub ontop of that. The only thing i have problems with is when a game offers content that can be earned in game, like cool looking mounts, and all u need to do is pay for it. Pet’s are somewhat acceptable i know there was one in the orgininal CE but honestly i prefer everything in the CE to be not ingame related. Let the people earn stuff ingame even if they are just fluff items. Bringing in items that require anything except doing something ingame are imo a bad thing for the game world.
    For the rest i want to thank you a thousand times for your efforts and help with anything regarding legacy servers. I hope you can convince Bliz!!

  3. liuzy says:

    Hi Mark, i’m a vanilla wow fans from China, we’re very excited that the meeting with Blizzard has been confirmed, and very thank for your efforts. Perhaps you know, we can’t access to petition website without VPN, as well as twitter, so the amount of petition would be more and more. Now i want to tell you that a very very large amount of guys are waiting vanilla wow back!

  4. Kxmode says:

    World of Warcraft: Legacy Collector’s Edition:

    – Mount skin (Legion),
    – New pet (Legion),
    – New HOTS skin,
    – A cool sculpted “Dark Portal” statue,
    – A cloth map of vanilla Azeroth,
    – “Sword of a Thousand Truths” USB stick complete with a Stan cover that “brandished” the sword
    – Making-of Documentary to see how the team brought Vanilla back,
    – Video recording of your meeting with Mike,
    – BONUS recording of Nostalrius’ meeting with Blizzard,
    – BONUS Vanilla Soundtrack with never before heard music (basically the stuff your team decided not to use)

    This would be a total win for Blizzard and for us. It would also be a huge victory for Blizzard’s PR, and video game preservation in general. Blizzard, being one of the world’s largest video game developer and publisher, would be the first to bring Legacy servers online alongside their current game. This would set a precedent for other studios to follow. 🙂

    Thank you Mark for blazing a trail! 😀

  5. CNinjy says:

    Godspeed Mark.

    Although it seems you’ve meant not Stan, but Randy Marsh, his father, brandishing the USB stick, since it’s him on the picture.

  6. Chillinvanillin says:

    Hi mark, I see that you suggested a mount skin. I would like to say that I would like absolutely NO in game benefits from purchasing the collectors edition whatsoever, even if it is just a mount recolor.

    Giving in game items for real money is one of the many reasons I stay away from retail WoW, and I think opting for no in game items for money would really allow current Blizz to see where we’re coming from and what we truly want.

  7. Chillinvanillin says:

    I would also like to point out, that if vanilla WoW is added as on to the same sub fee as current retail, Blizz will use me as one of their sub numbers and claim that current retail WoW is still good, and that I am a customer for it. I would rather pay for Vanilla WoW in a separate extra subscription, not linked to current retail.

    I do not like current WoW and do not wish to be used as a player statistic for the game.

  8. djanico says:

    First of all, THANK YOU MARK for making allot of us gamers dream come true.. not just in a sense of bringing back Vanilla Wow, but also in creating it! You have given me many many years of enjoyment playing wow and making my dreams come true in terms of an MMORPG.

    Secondly, i agree that the CE edition can include many many extra features and items that don’t need to be incorporated into the game. -Exclusion would be an ingame pet i can understand that and its harmless enough, but like you stated “you had me at cloth map” EXACTLY.. for this reason and the others (meeting footage, sword of 1k truths, etc) would be more than enough for anyone wanting a CE edition.

  9. Corsah says:

    I’m not sure what merchandise has been made in the past, but here’s what I’ve come up with so far.

    Considering Vanilla’s reputation for exclusivity, it would be fitting for a Legacy Collector’s Edition to intentionally reference such content:
    +”High Warlord’s Greatsword/Blade” letter opener
    +”Grand Marshal’s Claymore/Longsword” letter opener
    +Naxxramas model paperweight

    Include additional items pertaining to the original game and/or staff:
    +Cloth map with Azeroth on front; All classic raid layouts on back?
    +Signed reunion photo of all available Vanilla development team, taken at Blizzard Headquarters.
    (Fair warning Mark, wear something appropriate!)

    Because not everyone purchasing this may be familiar with Vanilla:
    +Humorous introduction pamphlet featuring illustrations written for “new” players, e.g.
    -There is no such thing as just ONE murloc…
    -Surviving The Barrens chat is not guarenteed.
    -They’re called Gadgetzan Bruisers for a reason!
    -Never trust a free summon to Blackrock Mountain.
    -“You’re the bomb!” isn’t always a compliment.

    Finally, lining the bottom of the box should be:
    +Advertisement for the next Legacy Collector’s Edition: The Burning Crusade!

      • Corsah says:

        I just realized that you probably didn’t take the stack of printed petitions home with you, meaning Blizzard will have top men working on what to do with them. “Top… men.”

        How about inserting one page into each Legacy Collector’s Edition released? Bragging rights to anyone who receives their own name back!

  10. konacn says:

    Hi Mark, thank you so much for the epic game your team created, and what you did to make the legacy server possible

    I’m just wondering why did you and those great developers leave the wow dev team?
    How I wish the vanilla team could keep working on this game!

    • Mark Kern says:

      I left six months after ship because of sheer burnout. WoW was the single biggest and most stressful undertaking Blizzard had ever done. The entire company was at risk if it failed. The rest of the team was probably also tired, or wanted to work on a new IP instead of expansions. But I’m getting my second wind.

      • konacn says:

        I see.

        Yeah, I fully understand that feeling. As a graduate student, after working
        on something for 1 year and finally publishing a paper, I don’t want to touch
        that thing again and I don’t even want to read the paper ever : )

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  13. liambrown92 says:

    I also wanted to thank you Mark. You’re officially the biggest advocate for Legacy servers that has connection to Blizzard.

    I was 12 when WoW came out and for most of the years since then I’ve wished to play vanilla again. Best video gaming of my life. Unfortunately TBC came out before I was satisfied with my progress. Despite clearing up to Twin Emps and downing 2 bosses in Naxx, I still felt like there was so much more to be done.

    I am very grateful to hear that this much progress has been made thanks to you, the Nostalrius team and all of the other Vanilla fans out there like myself. On behalf of us all, thanks again for all your care and effort.

    -Liam, 24, San Francisco.

  14. Jellooze says:

    I dont know how plausible it is to do… but could you upload and show the community all the information that you will show Mike at the meeting. It would be quite interesting to get the full picture of how the community feel and think about legacy servers.

    Also could you maybe do a rundown on how you personally want legacy servers to be, what patch, expansion, if addons should be allowed, if changes to the balance and “meta” of classes should be changed etc. (Maybe wait until after the meeting to minimize the shit storm that could arise 😛 )

  15. bz123 says:

    Mark thank you for everything. You inspired so many people through your games. I am on my career path as a software engineer cause of my love for WOW (Vanilla), or else I’d be some weird suit economist or something that I wouldn’t enjoy.

    I really hope Blizzard considers giving us back what we deserve and that’s proper WOW. Even though I’ve already bought multiple copies of the Vanilla version and I should be allowed to play that game whenever I like and not when they tell me to, I’d still go off and buy and subscribe to anything I had to just to get the same magical feeling.

    Thanks again for everything.

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  17. Viv says:

    Everyone saying they don’t want in-game items as rewards for the collector’s edition must forget that the original collector’s edition of World of Warcraft had an in-game pet.

    • Chillinvanillin says:

      I remember this very well, I’m not forgetting. I also remember back in 2005/2006 people complained that others were getting an in-game advantage by paying real life money. Even for those CE vanity pets, back in 05/06 people complained that it was wrong and ruined the game’s integrity. Many people felt the same way about Murky/Blue Murloc Egg as they couldn’t obtain it through playing the game.

      Especially with the recent explosion of Blizzard’s cash shop, many players are understandably scared that the company will slowly take the same route with vanilla.

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