Ember – Set in the Crixa universe

I am excited to release this teaser video for Ember, a video game set in the Crixa tabletop universe.

This is only a concept video, it won’t get made unless there is sufficient demand from the community. The video is aimed at the original players of Firefall, before that game was changed prior to its launch two years go. But the video is also for anyone interested in Crixa, or my games in general, who would like to see us make a Crixa based video game.

The game would focus on characters known as Planet Reapers, or just “Reapers.” Reapers come in to exploit newly discovered planets for resources, or prepare them for colonization. It’s dangerous work, with deadly environmental conditions and hostile xenomorphic animals to deal with. But the rewards are incredible for those that find rich veins of newly discovered compounds and elements, or who can purge a planet’s dangerous animals while terraforming the atmosphere for future colonists.

Reapers are like prospecting teams or wildcatters, heavily sponsored by large corporations and armed to the teeth with all the weapons, armor and vehicles needed to do the job. Chief amongst these are MEKAs, or (Mechanically Enhanced Kinetic AI). These often humanoid shaped MEKAs are living, heavy industrial machinery that aid in a number of roles. From huge drilling machines, to military models used to thin, control, or eliminate hostile alien creature populations, MEKAs are indispensable to Reapers and are often fondly given names and cherished as part of the team, even with their limited AI.

If you’d like to see a video game based on Crixa in the future, please take a look and sign the petition here:


We will use it to judge interest. Meanwhile our focus is on getting the tabletop rpg version of the game prepared. Even if there is enough interest in the video game, we want to make sure we ship a great tabletop version first and foremost.

Regardless of the current demand for a Crixa based video game, Ember will eventually make its way into the Crixa universe as a future book supplement. This supplement will detail the rules for planet exploration and adventures in terraforming, planet prospecting and rules to help gamemasters easily generate planetary content for players to experience.


  1. JOJOMCGEE says:

    Hey Mark, no doubt that this project has a lot of potential, and as a Firefall vet from the closed beta, I really want this to succeed. But Mark, as someone who has followed the development for quite some time now, I hope you take the time to make sure that each step you take in this game’s development is the right one. I won’t delve into any past pitfalls, because I’m sure you’re sick and tired of hearing crap about the firefall bus, or the weird music video ad, etc, but my hopes are that you really take the time to learn from the original development of firefall and improve upon it.

    Best Of Luck!


  2. gamer says:

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    ▓▓▓▓▓▓█░░░This Game░░░░█

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