Omniframe Done & Backer Update (Posters Printed)

The art for the Omniframe is complete! We spent a lot of time thinking about and designing the lite-MEK that the player will wear as one of the “vehicles” in the game. Ember will features several vehicles including the MEK frame, aircraft and ground vehicles.

We aren’t *quite* ready to reveal The Omniframe MEK yet, as I’m still doing the write-up to go along with the art. The image you see here is a closely cropped “sneak peak” of what’s coming. The final post, with complete art and description and design thoughts, will be up in 48 hours or less.

For Backers, the T.H.M.P.R. posters have been sent out for printing and will be ready to ship this week. Boss Boss backers will receive a full sized, signed 24×36 inch glossy T.H.M.P.R. poster.

As a special surprise, ARES level backer are getting a free upgrade from 8×10 signed T.H.M.P.R. glossies to 12×18! This is just another little way of saying we are grateful for your support.

Later, we will print the Omniframe and Alien 8×10’s in one batch, and ship them when they are ready (or together if they get done sooner). Omniframe Inventor founders and above (ARES, Boss Boss) will receive the Omniframe 8×10 pictures as well as the alien concept 8x10s.

Thanks for all your support and we’re very satisfied to be completing our goals for our first milestone fundraiser. Our next one, for 3D modeling, will be very soon!

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