Community Spotlight – Xeevis

Salutations Reapers. Today is the first in a series of blogs called Community Spotlights. These will be short and sweet introductions to our fellow community members. Say hello to the first brave soul to have a light shined on him, Xeevis. He is our valiant volunteer who helps with add-ons, various necessitates and indulgences to keep our forums running smoothly. Shall we begin?

Ronyn: How did you first get introduced to the Ember community?

Xeevis: I’ve been following Mark Kern’s twitter for many years, so I had the latest information on his upcoming activities. When The9 made it clear that they weren’t going to let go of the Firefall IP, I was thrilled to be among the first to sign the petition to make Ember. I decided to do my best to help make Ember happen.

Ronyn: How long were you involved with Firefall?

Xeevis: I started playing Firefall July 2012, up to the end of 2013. By that time it was apparent there was something terribly wrong. The game wasn’t progressing anywhere. Frustration led to personal activities that Red 5 determined was reason enough to permanently delete my character, around the same time Mark left R5. But I remained part of the great community Firefall had, hoping the game would eventually return to its original vision – sandbox, horizontal, shooter-first with simulated open-world war.

Ronyn: How did you keep in touch with the community after your account was deleted?

Xeevis: Actually I was allowed to keep the account, just the character along with its entire inventory was purged, but it was a small detail. I’ve been coming to Forums every day. It’s like a family pub, with darts and friends.

Ronyn: Oh I see. What is it that makes this community so special to you?

Xeevis: This community is helpful and supportive. Even if we don’t agree on certain things, we still manage to settle it down. There are however, some individuals who throw unnecessary tantrums and that is a big shame. I wish we could all move under a single banner. A big thank you goes to Ember’s Discord staff, who put a lot of time and effort into maintaining a certain level of communication and making the chat a welcoming place to hang out. It’s not an easy task.

Ronyn: Right on. You know, so many of us have benefited from your work on the boards here. Tell me of your coding background.

Xeevis: This may be a shocker, but I started coding where I believe everyone should start…  working on an MMORPG game. I’ve been playing my favorite game of all time, Ultima Online, since 1998. By 2004 I decided I wanted to run my own server for Ultima, so I found myself coding a game for hundreds of players. At first I was just modifying C# scripts made by RunUO emulator community, but then I moved to writing my own. It was so much fun, I could immediately see players use them and have fun in turn.

Over time I’ve monetized on my newly gained skills as a freelancer, but money was never my drive. I’m just grateful when I can contribute to worthy projects. usually open source.

Ronyn: Incredible! So you taught yourself coding?

Xeevis: Yes, and through making useful stuff too. EmberBot is the first discord bot I ever made. Dashboard is first ever greasemonkey script I ever made. With everything I do, I keep learning new things, that’s a part of the motivation.

Ronyn: Fantastic. How did you become a volunteer here on Ember?

Xeevis: I’ve made some suggestions for improvements on the forums, and Mark liked them. He asked if I wanted to help him with it, and I couldn’t refuse. I’m still trying to find ways to improve everyone’s life here. Forums Dashboard and Ember Bot on Discord are constantly being improved and I’m open to more ideas.

Ronyn: What is it that makes Ember so attractive to you?

Xeevis: Sandbox online shooter, set in the rich world with simulated war against AI entity, where skill matters, is something that is still very elusive. It’s something I definitely want to play. I’ve played Hellgate London, Earthrise, Global Agenda, Planetside 2, and of course, Firefall. Each was incredibly fun and unique on its own terms, but each had its share of problems. They were gems in hard shells, I trust Grummz has enough battle scars to see the Ember gem chiseled out.

Ronyn: To see the Ember gem chiseled out. I like the way that sounds.


One thing that really stands out to me while talking to Xeevis was how much he appreciates the community he has been a part of all these years. How about you readers? How do you feel about this community? Let us know in the comments below. Plus if you are one of the many who has benefited from Xeevis’s work this would be a great place to say thanks.

Stay vigilant Reapers, next time you just might find the spotlight pointed at you.

– Ronyn

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