Fundraiser Successful. Milestone 2 & 3 Fully Funded. Work, Work.

Wow! What an impressive second fundraiser for EM-8ER (Ember, our massive planetary wargame). Final stats are:

  • 467% Funded
  • $23,353 raised of $5000 goal
  • Fully funded in just over a day
  • 330 Backers
  • DOUBLE the number of backers than previous milestone

Now its time to buckle down on the work. After credit card and IndieGoGo fees ($2300 or so) It will take some time (15 days) for funds to clear (21 days for Paypal), but that won’t stop us. We’re either currently working on or about to move onto:

  • Adding backer forums names by end of week
  • Ordering plastic for 3D printing
  • Wrapping up modeling of the THMPR (high poly nearly done)
  • Test printing torso for rewards
  • Create low poly game mesh for THMPR
  • Texturing THMPR with Substance Designer
  • Creating 1st draft of Vision Book
  • Getting our Unreal Engine framework in place
  • And much more!

Backer reward delivery will start with forums badges, which should be up by end of this week as we process the list from IndieGoGo. Plastic will also be ordered this week and a test print made of the THMPR torso. Once that is approved we can move to printing all the 3D bust rewards. At about 2-3 print per day, max, we’re looking at 30-50 days of solid production to get these done and shipped. We also have to hand paint the 5 Max Kahuna prints, which will be fun!

But while our printer is whirring away, we’ll be working on the Unreal EXE sample of the THMPR and having it made game-ready, rigged and animated (a small set of anims: walk, drill, etc., no combat yet). We’ll be looking to find a contract animator to help us with this in the coming weeks.

I’m super excited about EM-8ER. Thank you all so much for your faith in the vision. We look forward to making this game a reality with your help.

– Mark Kern


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