Update – Warren Louw Joins EM-8ER Team

We’re excited to announce that Warren Louw is joining the team to help design and illustrate the characters for EM-8ER! You can see his art in the featured collage image on the blog post. Character modeling and customization in a future EM-8ER playable mockup funding goal, but we’ve used some of the extra funds to start this process early.

Warren is a well known illustrator who’s work has graced the covers of DC Comics and ImagineFX magazine. He’s well known for his beautiful females and crisp illustrative style.

Did you catch that? Thanks to your incredible support on the last milestone, we will be creating BOTH male AND Female characters for the game! Personally, I’m thrilled we will be able to offer more options to player and I thank you once again for making this possible.

Meanwhile, JoeSolo is hard at work producing the model for the first 3D test print of the THMPR model, which will be mailed to Gatestrider and Max Kahuna backers. We expect the printing production run to take 30-50 days due to the speed limitation of 3D printing and hand painting the Max Kahuna rewards.

Work also continues on developing the Unreal client. We have a basic framework up and running, but we’ll need to wait for THMPR to be game-ready and rigged for animation before importing the model into the whitebox test level that will ship with the art-preview EXE to backers.

The Tsi-hu human nickname contest is also proceeding smoothly. We’re impressed with several of the submissions and your vote participation has been outstanding.

Finally, we are working on finishing up the forum titles for all backers. We do this via e-mail address, and where the e-mail used for Indiegogo and the forums differ, we have to manually contact backers to establish their forum name. Thank you for your patience!

If you’d like to see more of Warren Louw’s work, you can find him here on DeviantArt:


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