Happy Halloween Omniframe

Happy Halloween Update

Just for fun, for Halloween Tommaso drew a costume for the Omniframe. “Neko-frame” is a cute, pink Omniframe with cat tail, paws and ears. It’s perfect for candy gathering missions this Halloween!

While this isn’t a real frame design (except, perhaps, as a cosmetic option? Would you like one?), the frame does highlight that we’ve started work on customization options for the Omniframe prior to starting its 3D modeling. This was not a part of our deliverables for this milestone, but was needed to make sure we “built the model with customization in mind.” Consider it a bonus collection of art work (we won’t be modeling these options or adding customization in game until a future milestone).

We took a little of the extra budget you guys provided us and explored eight different customization areas. We also designed an example of what a “light” and “heavy” version of the Omniframe might look like.

The light version of the Omniframe (“Codename Sly-Dancer”):

The heavy version of the Omniframe in Hard-driver covered mode (“Codename Bison”)

The Omniframe can be cosmetically customized in eight areas (note these are just cosmetics, except for weapon pods, not craftable upgrades with stats):

  • Head with optics
  • Shoulder weapon pods
  • Shoulders
  • Jet pack
  • Wings
  • Lower arms
  • Thigh plates
  • Feet

We think we will be able to get a tremendous amount of variations out of the Omniframe “look” with these areas. Selling cosmetic options for these areas (except for the shoulder weapon) should provide one good stream of revenue for the game to support the costs of our zero-monthly-fee online servers.

This will be the last blog entry on this website before moving to a new, dedicated site for Em-8ER, the new name (still pronounced “Ember”). We changed the name to avoid confusion with the mobile game and the Steam game currently on the market. Em-8ER is the planetary designation of the world where players will be at war with the shape-shifting Tsi-hu.

While we are currently behind on production, we just completed the modeling of the THMPR and will have a grand unveiling of the model on the new site next week. We’ve also invested in the logo for the game, which will also be unveiled on the new site.

Now that the modeling of the THMPR is done, we can move on to to rigging it, animating it and importing it into the Unreal engine, as well as texturing it in PBR based materials using Substance Painter and Substance designer. More information on our updated production schedule will be posted next week as well.

Thank you for your support and your patience while we ramp things up! We have more exciting developments happening in Em-8ER that we’ve not yet announced but that we’ve begun to develop thanks to your extra support! We’ll be sharing these as update on the new site as we complete them!


  1. zionchar11 says:

    Oh damn, I’m loving the Heavy set. It really shows that you can tank a lot of damage and pack a lot of punch!! As for the light, it really focus on the speed and maneuverability. Amazing work guys!

    The Cat Frame is really cute, also i notice it have claws and tails.. *drops dead*.
    I don’t mind the color pink but if it have other color scheme it would be awesome.

    Anyway, glad to hear there’s a progress on your end guys. I hope everything will run smoothly.
    Can’t wait for more news.

  2. GadNo says:

    Wow Bison looks awsome exept lower part, i mean just above feet it looks kinda weird … on Sly-Dancer and Neko that joint (area) looks perfect.
    Anyways keep it up guys u r the best….

  3. logfish says:

    sir i just found this .. i was devastated when i hear fire fall was gone and it is a shame they messed up i was playing the alpha and beta and i loved it . i had no issue buying the founders pack 100$ i am sad tho that it went to the wrong game . i can not wait to see how it was suppose to be and am going to tell everyone i know about ember and try to get you guys out there . this needs to be a game and i wish to thank you so much for not giving up and making this game a reality . i love all of you working on it and dont stop please this game needs to happen it is going to be amazing . i can feel it . if you guys need help or inspiration let me know . also if u need tester or anything am about to build a new pc ( was original building it for fire fall) and i want to put it to good use and test what ever you guys have to throw at me . so please sir let me know if i can help i really want to . so please email me or contact me some way if u guys need anything tested and another huge thank you for working so hard and not giving up .

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