Author: Nizuul

Game Designer

Crixa RPG – Unshelved!

Pen & Paper RPG Space Opera
Twenty eight human empires, separated by hundreds of years of isolated development, suddenly collide when warp gate FTL travel is invented. It is a time for heroes, trade barons, rogues, explorers, and soldiers, as vast new possibilities expand the universe for human potential or its downfall.

Monday, during Chief Chat, Grummz made it official. Crixa is back in development! 💥💯💥

Hi everyone, I’m Nizuul, the newest member of the team and am working closely with Grummz on Crixa’s game design. Don’t worry, Grummz is still leading the project, writing the lore, and very involved in the game’s design.
A little bit about me, I’m an old school gamer, who’s been playing and designing games since 1st Edition D&D 😱 I also design video games for a living and love working with the Unreal Engine. I’m a big fan of Em8er and have been a backer since the beginning and, like you, can’t wait for the spiritual successor to Firefall to come online!
I’m currently working feverishly on the game and can honestly say that I have never been more excited about a game system. With all of the awesome that’s rapidly going into the game, I wanted to take a moment to let you know that you can now sign up for the Crixa mailing list! Just scroll to the bottom of any web page on the site, put in your email, click Subscribe and sign up!
I’ll be sending out updates, sneak peeks and news on the development of the game regularly and simply can’t bare the thought of you missing out! So don’t let me suffer, scroll down and sign up so I can have peace of mind while I hammer out these rules!