Ember is a proposed MMO set in the Crixa tabletop universe by Mark Kern, former team lead for vanilla World of Warcaft. Teams of players, called Reapers, dare the fringes of space to explore and exploit new planets for the chance at glory and riches. Using giant mining Mek-A called T.H.M.P.R’s, they dig for rare and undiscovered elements, all the while beating back the wild xeno-forms and other dangers on countless hostile planets. Procedurally generated, sandboxed, open-world style gameplay and horizontal progression offers a kind of MMO never before created. Mine for riches, build your bases, and craft everything from your “Omniframe” battlesuits to weapons and vehicles of war. For war is most certainly coming to Ember…

Happy Halloween Update October 26, 2016

Just for fun, for Halloween Tommaso drew a costume for the Omniframe. “Neko-frame” is a cute, pink Omniframe with cat tail, paws and ears. It’s perfect for candy gathering missions this Halloween! While this isn’t a real frame design (except, perhaps, as a cosmetic option? Would you like one?), the frame does highlight that we’ve … Read more

EM-8ER Update – October October 4, 2016

Hello Emberites! Two things with this update. First, I wanted to say it’s been an incredible blast to be working on the game. I’m so excited about the setting (Massive Planetary Warfare), the Kaiju theme, the art direction, and the incredible new tools for game development. It’s all thanks to you, and I’m super grateful … Read more

Update – Warren Louw Joins EM-8ER Team September 21, 2016

We’re excited to announce that Warren Louw is joining the team to help design and illustrate the characters for EM-8ER! You can see his art in the featured collage image on the blog post. Character modeling and customization in a future EM-8ER playable mockup funding goal, but we’ve used some of the extra funds to … Read more

Community Spotlight – Xeevis September 17, 2016

Salutations Reapers. Today is the first in a series of blogs called Community Spotlights. These will be short and sweet introductions to our fellow community members. Say hello to the first brave soul to have a light shined on him, Xeevis. He is our valiant volunteer who helps with add-ons, various necessitates and indulgences to … Read more

Developer Insights – Joe Solo September 9, 2016

Greetings Reapers, today we have the very first in a series of interviews called Developer insights. In this blog I will be speaking with various people from the gaming industry. Picking their brain a little bit about what they do and how they do it. Today I am pleased to announce that we have the … Read more

Ember Reaches 20k Funding – New Poster Revealed September 6, 2016

We’ve reached over 20k in funding! To celebrate, we’re releasing a new image for the design book. It’s THMPR vs Kaiju, the creature that will attack the THMPR when it returns to base during your escort. You’ll have to help it fight off this big beastie as you escort your THMPR back to base. (post-KS … Read more

Milestone 2 funding is here! August 29, 2016

https://igg.me/at/ember-m2 Click above for the IndieGoGo link. We’re live! 40% funded in 50 minutes….going fast! Thank you all so much for your support!

The Path to Playable Mockup August 24, 2016

It’s been a swift and incredible journey to go from a humble petition to reboot Firefall (and create a new, unique style of multiplayer game), to a over 600% fundraiser, a website, forums, concept art and thousands more signatures. The fans have shown incredible support for creating an MMO that never got a chance to … Read more

Posters shipped – All backer rewards complete August 20, 2016

We did it! Posters have been shipped, all art complete, and website and forums are up. This concludes our first successful fundraiser and delivery for Ember! Pictured is the Ares Operator level rewards. Boss Boss gets a bigger THMPR poster (huge), and the Omniframe inventors get 8×10’s of the Omniframe and Tsihu concepts (as do … Read more

The Tsihu – First Contact August 15, 2016

On a toxic, fiery world designated as EM-8ER, also known as “Ember,” Gatestrider reaper teams encountered humanity’s first sentient xenomorph. We know they call themselves the “Tsihu.” The reaper teams that endure their constant attacks have a more colorful name for them. Our first contact has been anything but peaceful. It’s all gone to hell. … Read more

Alien Concept Art Done, Full Post Soon(tm) August 12, 2016

Just a little teaser for the alien art, which is complete. The main post with full art will go up in the next 48 hours or so. This alien has unique gameplay components not found in most games. Meanwhile, this is a teaser of the art. The alien race is the first sentient Xenomorph encounter … Read more

The Omniframe – A M.E.K. Battlesuit August 9, 2016

UPDATE: These frames are *fast*. They move like Firefall characters. They do not lumber like mechs. Just and FYI for those wondering. This is the Ember character as it will most commonly be seen, sporting an Omniframe MEK (Mechanically Enhanced Kinetics) Battlesuit. Players can jump in and out of the suit to get to other … Read more

Omniframe Done & Backer Update (Posters Printed) August 9, 2016

The art for the Omniframe is complete! We spent a lot of time thinking about and designing the lite-MEK that the player will wear as one of the “vehicles” in the game. Ember will features several vehicles including the MEK frame, aircraft and ground vehicles. We aren’t *quite* ready to reveal The Omniframe MEK yet, … Read more

T.H.M.P.R. Orthographics Done July 29, 2016

It’s here! While concept art is great for setting mood, 3D modelers need blueprints, called orthographics, to begin the work of translating a 2D drawing into a 3D model. With the additional funding we received from our (580% overfunded!!!) IndieGoGo campaign to put up Ember forums, we made orthographics of the T.H.M.P.R. MEK-A autonomous mining … Read more

Ember Update & Poster Art July 1, 2016

(It’s late, so sorry for any typos. I’ll edit as I re-read, but I wanted to get this out there as promised, once we hit the 500 signature mark.) Here we stand at 600+ signatures. More than twice what I thought we would get. It may not be enough yet, but its amazing and still … Read more

Ember – Set in the Crixa universe June 27, 2016

I am excited to release this teaser video for Ember, a video game set in the Crixa tabletop universe. This is only a concept video, it won’t get made unless there is sufficient demand from the community. The video is aimed at the original players of Firefall, before that game was changed prior to its … Read more

A Gift for Firefall Lore Hounds June 15, 2016

Many of you have asked about all the missing original lore in Firefall. I wrote this lore with Orson Scott Card and had great help from Richard Pearsey in bringing it to life. Richard wrote the original Blackwater Marsh Anomaly mission, which I’ve always felt was Firefall’s best in-game lore work. I’m writing this as … Read more

What Firefall Was Supposed to Be May 19, 2016

UPDATE: After being asked, yes, I am willing to repurchase Firefall from The9 if they are willing. I want to deliver the Firefall that vets deserve. [Note: This is not about Crixa, my tabletop miniature space opera RPG, but about the previous video game I worked on that I was not allowed to finish] People … Read more