Mark Kern and Crixa Labs are proud to support the effort to bring back legacy servers for WoW. As part of the campaign to preserve this vital part of MMO history, Crixa Labs has partnered with Nostalrius to help bring awareness to this important effort. Over 270,000 signatures were personally delivered by Mark Kern to Mike Morhaime, CEO of Blizzard, to help make this happen. We continue to champion the fight to bring legacy servers for World of Warcraft back into play.

Delivering the Nostalrius Petition, My Meeting with Mike May 28, 2016

What a strange road its been for legacy WoW servers. On April 15, I joined the Nostalrius movement to bring back vanilla servers for WoW. The petition was already at 100k signatures, and I promised that if it reached 200k signatures that I would personally send it to Mike Morhaime. I never imagined that you … Read more

Meeting with Blizzard Scheduled and Survey Update May 16, 2016

Good news! Not only is the Nostalrius team meeting with Blizzard in early June, but I’ll be having my legacy server meeting with Blizzard CEO, Mike Morhaime, next week on Thursday. Blizzard has also agreed to accept delivery of the printed petition. You guys did it! Nostalrius’ petition and YOU have made this possible, all … Read more

Getting a meeting time nailed down. Help remind Blizzard! May 11, 2016

[UPDATE: Thank you! You guys sent out hundreds of tweets! Mike and Blizzard now must know this issue is still very much alive. I’m taking down the auto-tweet link below, as I feel its done its job. But you can still tweet on your own. 🙂 I’ll be sending Mike another e-mail tomorrow. Thanks!] WoW … Read more

Legacy WoW – Tweak it? Update it? Leave it the hell alone? May 9, 2016

[Again, this is about legacy WoW, not about my tabletop game, Crixa. If the WoW posts and MMO posts get popular, I’ll separate them into a second tab on the front page so the posts can have their own section rather than be lumped in with my Tabletop posts.] First up, petition updates: We’re waiting. … Read more

WoW Legacy Survey Info May 5, 2016

[Note to Crixa RPG readers. I’m doing work to help convince Blizzard to try and restore original vanilla World of Warcraft servers. This blog post is not about the space opera RPG] To update everyone on the legacy petition status, we have a bit of time. While Nostalrius and I both have separate meetings coming … Read more