Crixa (pronounced “Crik-sa”) is a pen and paper role-playing game set in a vast universe of terran expansion, war, and exploration. Twenty eight human empires, separated by hundreds of years of isolated development, suddenly collide when warp gate FTL travel is invented. It is a time for heroes, trade barons, rogues, explorers, and soldiers, as vast new possibilities expand the universe for human potential or its downfall.

The blog chronicles the design process behind Crixa as well as the author’s other thoughts on game design, production and development both in paper and pen and video games.

Fundraiser Successful. Milestone 2 & 3 Fully Funded. Work, Work. September 14, 2016

Wow! What an impressive second fundraiser for EM-8ER (Ember, our massive planetary wargame). Final stats are: 467% Funded $23,353 raised of $5000 goal Fully funded in just over a day 330 Backers DOUBLE the number of backers than previous milestone Now its time to buckle down on the work. After credit card and IndieGoGo fees … Read more

Making Crixa: Some Goals May 17, 2016

There are a couple of Space Opera RPGs that have stood out in my memory over time. The first was when I was just learning to play Dungeons and Dragons in middle school and Traveller came out. I remember seeing the sleek black books of Traveller on the shelf in the hobby store and this … Read more

Ready, Set, Go May 5, 2016

Crixa (pronounced Crik-sa), is my upcoming space opera, tabletop, roleplaying game. I’ve been working on the universe and setting periodically for awhile now, with some fantastic artists like Col Price ( and Tommaso Renieri ( These artists had really helped me realize some of the backstory and visuals for the game last year. This year … Read more