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The Tsihu – First Contact

On a toxic, fiery world designated as EM-8ER, also known as “Ember,” Gatestrider reaper teams encountered humanity’s first sentient xenomorph.

We know they call themselves the “Tsihu.” The reaper teams that endure their constant attacks have a more colorful name for them.

Our first contact has been anything but peaceful. It’s all gone to hell. Every mining operation, every excursion triggers more and more of these attacks by the Tsihu. Anybody who has ever tried to talk or reason with them has never had the chance to get more than a few words out before being slaughtered.

They have a language though. We hear the phrases “Zha ryuon muon” and “Tasa hekita” repeated often. Linguistics is on it. They think “zha” refers to loop, and “muon” some kind of fabric, or binding. “Hekita” seems to mean some kind of deterioration.

Is it war? Not yet. If it weren’t for the technological ruins and resources on EM-8ER, our reaper teams would have simply left. Instead, what we have here is an opportunity. The Tsihu aren’t really *here*. They are phasing in and out in crackles of lightning and electricity, as well as much of the native xenomorphs. We think it’s temporal-as in these creatures are from another time. An earlier phase of the planet, perhaps, if you can believe the readings.

We need to keep a lid on it. For as long as we can. Every team here is in agreement. The riches and alien technology of this world would be enough to start again. Maybe give us enough edge to tell those Enshigi* bastards to fuck off.

But first we have to figure out what the hell the Tsihu really are, and how to beat em. They shapeshift. If they’re not in humanoid form shooting at us, they are suddenly morphing into huge creatures that are tearing our omniframes apart hand to hand. We think they go feral if they stay too long in “beast” mode. We’ve seen some in chains and some kind of holographic tagging or restraints. These are always the most violent and destructive ones.

We need to claim as much of this planet as we can before word gets out, and build up the means to defend it. It’s all right here, everything we need.

Garrack – Firstclaimer of Ember

* The Enshigi – humanity’s most enigmatic and advanced colony. They hold the Gatestriders home system hostage in retaliation over a disputed sector of space where the Enshigi have forbidden any entry or exploration.