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Meeting with Blizzard Scheduled and Survey Update

Good news! Not only is the Nostalrius team meeting with Blizzard in early June, but I’ll be having my legacy server meeting with Blizzard CEO, Mike Morhaime, next week on Thursday. Blizzard has also agreed to accept delivery of the printed petition.

You guys did it! Nostalrius’ petition and YOU have made this possible, all 260,000 of you. While we are not guaranteed a vanilla or legacy server by Blizzard, its a very good sign that they have agreed to meet and at least talk about it.

Not to get our hopes up (okay fine, my hopes are up), but if we did get vanilla/legacy servers, a good number of you seem quite happy to help relaunch it by purchasing an optional legacy CE (collector’s edition) of the game:

Screenshot 2016-05-16 10.10.52

The basic idea is that legacy would be included as a bonus for being a WoW subscriber, but that you could optionally purchase a collector’s edition on top of that. I believe this would be an attractive proposition for Blizzard. We’ve seen how well remastered editions of older games have done for Halo, God of War, etc. and it makes sense to offer something that would be profitable for Blizzard and cover the costs of relaunching legacy servers. I don’t *quite* remember how many of the original CE for WoW were made, but I believe it was under 100,000 units. Even at those numbers, it was profitable.

Would this CE be digital of physical?

Screenshot 2016-05-07 12.00.25

Why not both? It seems the demand would be there to have both digital and physical goods available for this hypothetical collector’s edition of legacy WoW. We talked about what to include on Twitter, including a cool sculpted “Dark Portal” statue, skins for mounts, new pets, as well as a jokingly tongue in check “Sword of a Thousand Truths” USB stick, complete with a Randi cover that “brandished” the sword.

In any case, I believe this would be a great and fun optional idea for a vanilla/legacy relaunch. It may also be very attractive to Activision/Blizzard as it seeks new ways to revitalize and maximize profits on WoW. What do you think? Leave your thoughts below in the comments.

Getting a meeting time nailed down. Help remind Blizzard!

[UPDATE: Thank you! You guys sent out hundreds of tweets! Mike and Blizzard now must know this issue is still very much alive. I’m taking down the auto-tweet link below, as I feel its done its job. But you can still tweet on your own. 🙂 I’ll be sending Mike another e-mail tomorrow. Thanks!]

WoW Petition Update:

As you know, I’ve got a tentative meeting set up with Mike Morhaime to discuss legacy server. Our first e-mail exchange below:

Screenshot 2016-05-11 09.48.16

I’ve since sent two followup e-mails to Mike. One last Friday and one again this past Monday. Mike is a busy guy, but I’ve yet to hear back about a definite date for a meeting. Nostalrius is also in contact with Blizzard and is also having some difficultly nailing down a time from Blizzard.

You can help.

I can’t give you Mike’s direct e-mail, and Blizzard no longer publishes a support e-mail address. So, we’ll tweet @Warcaft instead to help get this going. Simply click the link below to tweet out a message to Blizzard to let them know we want these meetings scheduled. Feel free to customize the tweet. TY!

[Auto tweet link removed. We sent a strong message. Rest is up to Bliz!]